Fit to Ride

Good posture is THE secret to good riding

fit to ride


Bad Riding Posture

To maintain balance in the saddle, the rider needs sufficient core stability and strength to maintain good posture. Other factors that also limit control and stability and weaken the core muscles are reduced flexibility which in turn causes tight muscles and restricted movement through the joints, the result being that you are unable to adapt to the movements of the horse.

Correct your posture and improve your riding at the same time with my help!

Your package will include primary assessment, exercise prescription, 12 initial sessions based on 3 per week, follow at home exercise plan and 1 follow up assessment £600.00

Primary assessment includes postural assessment both on and off the horse, evaluation of flexibility and muscular strength.  I can also liaise with your instructor to glean any observations they have made of your riding.Exercise Prescription related to the individuals primary assessment.  A plan of action will be created based on the riders strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Follow up assessment includes re-evaluation of posture on and off the horse, flexibility and muscular strength.