Prenatal Exercise


At Home Personal Training


At the age of 40 I became pregnant for the first time.  Being a Personal Trainer and being fit and healthy I found that in some ways pregnancy was not too bad.  I believe that by exercising regularly prior to getting pregnant I was in the best shape I could be to have an uncomplicated pregnancy.  That said, I was shocked by how tired it made me, I was lucky to make it past 9pm before I was in bed.

When I hit 6 months gestation, the 1st Covid-19 lockdown came into effect, I could no longer do my spin classes although I implemented an exercise regime at home.  I was lucky enough to already own a fair amount of portable equipment so didn’t have trouble in this respect. Due to medical (not pregnancy) complications I was admitted to hospital at 7 months and ended up having a blood transfusion.  This left me with severe anaemia that was not resolved until about a week before my due date.  Needless to say this put an end to my fitness plan.  I tried doing some simple exercises but can honestly say, I could barely make it up the stairs without having to sit down as soon as I got to the top.  I was ultimately limited to simple mat Pilates moves and bodyweight demos for my clients.


What I am trying to say is, with every best intention and will in the world, I understand exactly how you can feel when pregnant and why you might find it near on impossible to motivate yourself to exercise.

I AM HERE TO HELP!  If you are feeling on top of the world or under the weather, I can design you an appropriate and safe workout routine to suit your pregnancy needs.  Being pre and postnatal qualified as well as a certified Pilates instructor I can ensure a safe and effective workout for YOU!


Postnatally, I can help you take back control of your body, I can help you regain your fitness, re-tone target areas and most importantly get your core and pelvic floor functionally strong!

Get in touch to discuss your own personal needs in more detail, you can be honest and open with me with no judgement. I will discuss a personalised plan with you to move forward.  In the current lockdown circumstances, I can offer Video call sessions so you have no need to worry about childcare, I can offer 1:1 sessions outside in public open spaces and in normal circumstances I can come to your home to deliver your sessions.  Don’t worry, you can have your little one(s) present at face to face sessions, I can keep them distracted so you get a good workout!